Waste Transfer Note

Responsibilities of the waste producer

When using Hart Recycling and commercial waste|recycling bags and cardboard tape:
 A Waste Transfer Note (WTN)  is issued whenever rubbish changes hands to show proof that your business has done its bit by giving it to someone who is allowed to take the rubbish and won’t dump it illegally somewhere.  A WTN can be issued to cover a particular collection, for example for an ad-hoc collection during a floor clear-out or refurbishment. This WTN will cover one particular collection. For regular rubbish collections, such as for the bags/bins your business places out every day, the WTN is issued once a year as a so-called ‘season ticket’ and will then cover multiple collections in that year. If your businesses is located in a managed building with the landlord or managing agent arranging waste collection, e.g. through a centralised facility, then you need to ask them for a valid copy of the WTN. Only registered customers can download their WTN when ordering online or have one sent when ordering over the phone. We do not send blank WTNs to unregistered businesses. You complete, sign and return the WTN to us to ensure you are covered. Its important that you keep a signed copy of the WTN for two years as proof that your rubbish ends up where it needs to end up. If you need a spare copy of your WTN  right now then this can be obtained by contacting us on 07508049111. Important information contained on the WTN includes:
  • A description of the type of rubbish collected,  how it is contained (e.g. in bags or bins) and how often it is collected
  • Confirmation of the collector’s license to legally collect rubbish and details of where it is taken to
  • Your company’s 2007 Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)
  • That the so called ‘waste hierarchy’ has been applied to any rubbish generated by your business

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