FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Hart Recycling for general waste and recycling?

1. First, generate general waste and recycling (paper and cardboard) .

2. Order Hart Recycling dry mix recycling sacks and stickers for cardboard, glass and bottle waste via the website or by phone. Receive a quotation. Payment is due upon delivery within 24 hours.

3. Put dry mix recycling into the Hart Recycling sacks.

4. Place the Hart Recycling sacks and cardboard, glass and bottle waste outside at the correct pre-arranged time, which we have specifically tailored to meet your convenience. Please note, in order to avoid enforcement action by the local authority, the following rules must be observed:

  • Place recycling and cardboard directly outside your own premises in securely closed & tied up sacks to ensure there is no spillage.
  • Please do NOT overload and DON’T use black bags.

5. Hart Recycling will then collect your generate waste and recycling.

What happens to waste and recycling after it has been collected?

Hart Recycling takes all waste and recycling to a waste transfer station to be separated and packaged and processed into new paper, cardboard and glass products. Hart Recycling do not utilise the services of waste transfer stations which incinerate recyclable such as paper and cardboard as fossil fuel for the generation of electricity.

Can I become a Hart Recycling customer if I am already with another waste courier?

Yes, you can! Simply give Hart Recycling a call on +44 (0) 7496 040 855 and tell us all of your requirements – how many recycling sacks you require and what time and which days you require us to conduct your collections. You can also complete the waste transfer note online for an immediate reply. Hart Recycling conducts collections 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Why do I have to buy the pre-paid commercial waste sacks and cardboard stickers?

Unfortunately, business rates do not provide for waste collection from your business and cannot be viewed in the same light as council tax. Legally every business is responsible for the waste it creates and for managing this waste the right way. For most businesses, this is reasonably straightforward. The law requires you to contract with a registered waste carrier such as Hart Recycling.

Hart Recycling sell specific commercial waste bags as pre-paid recycling sacks . The cost of each bag pays for collecting and disposing of the waste presented for disposal. The more waste you produce the more pre-paid recycling sacks you will require. This ensures the waste producer pays for the processing of the produced waste. Businesses presenting waste in ordinary black bags can be subjected to a fixed penalty fined by your local authority. Fixed penalty fines also happen when you place your rubbish out at the wrong time.

Why don’t our business rates include waste collection?

Your Business rates are set by HM Treasury (central government) and don’t cover the provision of some local services such as waste collection. Under environmental legislation businesses and commercial premises are obliged to pay for the waste they create and for it to be collected and disposed of correctly.  The types and quantities of waste produced by businesses vary significantly, hence an average charge to all businesses wouldn’t be fair; those who produce little waste would end up paying for those who produce a lot more waste.

Once I have ordered, how long does it take until I receive the bags?

Once your order has been processed and the payment received in full (provided the credit limit has not been exceeded for invoiced orders) your pre-paid bags will normally be dispatched and delivered immediately the same day. Our delivery team works from Monday to Sunday, If you have any special delivery requirements, please state them at the time of making you order.

What is a waste transfer note?

Before commencement of collection service, you must complete and submit a waste transfer note (WTN). This is a legal document that needs to exist between the business (waste producer) and Hart Recycling Ltd (the waste collector).

The waste transfer note is not a contract, but a declaration of the type of rubbish that will be collected from your site(s), how this is contained, when it is collected and where it is taken. WTNs were introduced to provide an audit trail of how waste is dealt with and where it has been disposed.  WTNs are required to be kept for a minimum of 2 years. Failure to produce a WTN upon request can lead to a fine. Please see the dedicated waste transport note page INSERT LINK HERE for how to correctly complete your WTN.

Only registered customers can obtain a WTN from Hart recycling Ltd. Customers can complete a WTN online here. A WTN can also be sent out when you order over the phone on +44 (0) 7508 049111 or +44 (0) 7496 040 855. We do not send out blank WTNs to unregistered businesses.

When will my rubbish be collected?

Hart Recycling will collect from each street which has an allocated time where bag waste is collected. We suggest you check with your corresponding local authority for street collection time bands for your street. These times apply to both businesses and residents regardless of which waste/recycling collector will collect it. Hart Recycling collects from all 33 boroughs of London.

Bags must not be placed on the footpath more than 30 minutes before the allocated pick up time otherwise you may receive a fine. Please place bags and boxes outside your own property as close to the edge of your property as possible. This will avoid unsightly large heaps of waste on the pavement.

Waste/recycling bags that doesn’t comply with collection guidelines can be left behind and will remain your responsibility. Examples are bags which are overloaded and present a health and safety risk to the operator or bags which are insufficiently secured and causing spillage. However, Hart Recycling will endeavour to make collections in such circumstances where possible to ensure that the customer does not receive a fixed penalty fine for a breach of guidelines.

Why wasn’t my rubbish collected?

Your rubbish may be miss-collected (unintentionally) for a number of reasons. Please check if the right materials are in the bin or bag; that means no builders waste, chemicals and hazardous waste, no general waste in the recycling and vice versa,

Rubbish will not be collected if you are using black sacks or if you place waste on the street,. You must also ensure that cardboard has a cardboard sticker attached and that bags/bins are not overloaded and too heavy.

You also need to ensure there is access to the waste for our crews. You need to be aware that when waste bags are placed out in an obscured way, for example hidden behind or on top of street furniture, or mixed in with a large pile of other bag colours, it is highly likely it will be miss-collected.

You, as the waste producer, remain legally responsible for your rubbish until it is in the back of the collection truck. This applies regardless of whether you are on-site or not when the waste is awaiting collection. If you need further advice or help, then please contact Hart Recycling on +44 (0) 7508 049111 or +44 (0) 7496 040 855.

I can’t meet the collection time-bands. What should I do?

It is essential you only place out your rubbish bags 30 minutes before the start of the collection time. The collection times of every street in your local authority can be found via this link. If you can’t meet the collection time-bands, please contact Hart Recycling Ltd on +44 (0) 7508 049111 directly where we can determine a more appropriate collection time tailor-made for your convenience.

Why did I get a fine (FPN) for leaving rubbish out?

The Commercial Waste Service does not handle waste enforcement such as the issuing of FPNs and Warning Notices. Our colleagues in Street Management look after this. Please follow this link for more information.

How can I change my contact details?

Business may have a number of users who will be contacts for the same organisation. If an address changes for a business this affects all users and accounts associated with it. That’s why we ask that you contact us by phone on +44 (0) 7508 049111 directly so that we can ensure that confirmation of the address change is verified and that the correct amendments are made.

Is the website secure?

Yes. Our external banking service is protected by advanced levels of encryption technology to protect your personal information. Other people will not be able to intercept your banking details. Please see the step-by-step guide to making an online payment for further details.

What are my payment options?

We accept all major debit and credit cards for online payments and phone orders. When you receive a monthly invoice from us, you can best settle this using Direct Debit. Just contact us to set one up. You can also pay by bank transfer and standing order.

Further Questions

If these answers don’t help with your query, please contact us online or call us on +44 (0) 7508 049111 or +44 (0) 7496 040 855. You can also review our services and learn about pre-paid waste bags today. We look forward to helping you with all of your waste management needs.